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My First Instruction

Let’s start from the RV32I description in the (currently) latest version of the RISC-V ISA Specification, which is given in the Chapter 2: RV32I Base Integer Instruction Set. The specification first goes on to describe Integer Computational Instructions (Chapter 2.4), of which the addi instruction is explained first, so let’s start with that one.

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RISC-V Tools Setup

This post only explains the setup procedure for the additional tools needed for the RISC-V development. Installation procedure for the PyGears tools has been discussed in the previous post.

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RISC-V Blog Series Introduction

Welcome to the blog series in which I’ll be implementing the RISC-V ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) in hardware using functional approach with PyGears. My aim is to show how PyGears offers a way to build hardware in an incremental, evolutionary fashion, where the architecture, implementation and the verification environment evolve together, as opposed to the standard approach where these steps mostly happen in sequence. Developing hardware in such an agile way offers many benefits to the hardware design process, with some of them being that:

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